Application Process

The Entity that applies to host INOV Contacto interns shall ensure the following requirements:

Provide the intern with professional training at the entity’s premises, as it does for its own employees and shall provide: Working conditions, training and the necessary support to achieve the goals set by the INOV Contacto Program and the defined internship plan;

Allocate a work area with all the necessary equipment, namely a computer for intern’s working activities;

Allow the intern to have access to his/her email account and, INOV Contacto’s online platform NetworkContacto, since it is his/her main line of communication with the INOV Contacto's coordinating team, as well as to prepare and deliver any reports that may be requested by AICEP;

Ensure that the internship will take place in the Host Entity's premises, either in Portugal or abroad, or in another place previously checked by AICEP;

If during the first phase of internship, the option is to host the intern in Portugal, the Host Entity must provide an accommodation solution and support all the costs involved, whenever the intern is moved more than 50km from his/her area of residence;

Support all costs related to business travel during the internship abroad. If the business travel implies entering a different country, then it shall be previously agreed with the coordinating team of INOV Contacto so that the insurance policies can be activated in due time. In the latter case, the Host Entity shall provide all visa and other necessary and related arrangements;

Follow the objectives and work plan in accordance with the description and tasks included in the internship plan;

If the monthly allowance received by the intern is considered insufficient for accommodation, where the internship is taking place, supplementary support should be provided;

Assign an internship supervisor, both in Portugal (if applicable) and abroad, who can effectively monitor the intern throughout the internship period and provide a serious and regular assessment of the execution of the proposed internship plan;

Approve the internship timesheet submitted by the intern each month, after confirming it corresponds to reality;

Provide AICEP with the progress reports (mid-term and final reports) regarding the intern’s performance and level of accomplishment of the internship plan;

Contact AICEP whenever there is a change in the proposed internship plan and/or it becomes impossible to carry on the internship itself;

Assure the internship will be continuous and uninterrupted with the necessary adjustments to the Host Entity rules and policies as well as the region’s own characteristics;

Inform the coordinating team of INOV Contacto with a 60 days’ notice if the Entity closes for a holiday period;

Sign the internship protocol with AICEP E.P.E..

I read and accept the above mentioned conditions;

I authorise the use of the brand, logo and name of the entity that I represent for the promotional purposes of the INOV Contacto program.

I am aware of AICEP's privacy policy and that it is only possible to access the application form after confirming that the entity I represent authorises the processing of the personal data registered in it. To begin the process I must enter my professional email address in the fields below and then select "Continue" for further instructions.


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